VLOG | Taylor Swift Concert Croke Park

So last Friday the 15th of June I went to a Taylor Swift Concert & I said sure why not Vlog the whole experience as she was the second female artist on her first stadium tour that I’ve seen well apart from Halsey as support at Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour in Dublin at the RDS & of course these lovely & strong ladies Camila Coleta & Charlie XCX! And trust me I respect every artist but over the past couple of years I’ve seen many sides of Taylor but she still treats her fan as kind and respectfully as equals and that’s what I love about her. After the concert scenes were shot I was super sore all over especially my chest but that didn’t stop me honestly I didn’t expect the concert to be soo good I was blown away! Yes she is super talented but really a down to earth artist who will challenge herself to give back whatever comes here way!! 😉

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