44 comentarios sobre “The 1975 – thank u, next (Ariana Ancho cover)”

  1. Ngl this wasn't a bad cover, but I still prefer the original cuz it makes more sense and has more meaning to sing it ariana's way – she's all about the SASS and this song is just a Bop!

  2. I love this performance, and have watched it so many times. Absolutely amazing to see musicians using unspoken musical vocabulary onstage (you NEVER see this at pop performances) like him directing/cutting off the backing vocalists, asking for help from one of the singers when he lost his place, doing the "one more time" hand gesture, etc. It's beautiful and refreshing in its rawness. THANK U

  3. from the very first few seconds of hearing this cover i was in love… i don't really know the 1975 that well (don't kill me fans) but DAMN they/this was amazing!! i don't think i've commented on any youtube vid for years, just so inspired by this brilliant arrangement that I had to express my love <3

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