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  1. wowie, i wanna animate something with this song now! if only i had the motivation , lol. It'd probably be about my ocs Doodle and Pen (They are llike brothers, Pen is younger but edgy, while Doodle is older but immature and optimistic) i imagine Doodle singing this to Pen while Shadowman (the main villain, who is also the creator of Doodle and Pen , hes a mad scientist , so orignal XD) starts turning all the lights out and gets closer to the cage they are both hiding in. Oh boy thats sad. Shadowman is meannnnn, he likes to hurt them(easiest way to explain it without getting gorey/edgy XD)

  2. Here’s what it made me think about:

    During the fight with the Condesce, John ended up dying a heroic death. Everyone was completely devastated, but most of all were Karkat and Dave. Not that anyone would know other than them, but the three of them had a really close relationship.
    Sometimes, John will appear in their dreams. At least even if he’s dead he’s not completely gone.

  3. I always imagine a mother singing this to her child who is severely injured in a post apocalyptic world or war torn country. The war is still raging outside but the mother is telling their child that they are safe now and it’s ok to finally rest peacefully.

  4. When I listen to this I was thinking of a kitsune(fox)I draw and met in my dream when I sleep I was attack by shadows in my dream and the kitsune I drew saved me and said "you and I will be alright now,I will be with you and we will be safe and sound"I hug it and it said wake up my dear as soon as a open my eyes my mom is there and the kitsune I draw is beside me glowing dunno why but I'm safe with that kitsune

  5. When I hear this song I imagine this:

    There was once a happy family of four, a mom, dad, and two sisters who where very close. Soon after the younger one turned about six years old. World war three started, the mother and father had to go and fight in the war, the older sister at 12 years old was left to fend for herself and her sibling. The dad died protecting a group of children who where being attacked. The mom was never heard from by the children. The siblings would always be moving in and out of places due to safety conditions. One night the younger sister was sleeping when her older sister was looking out for anything suspicious . When her little sister awoke from a nightmare. Her older sister comforted her with a lullaby
    their parents sang to them after a bad day, or a nightmare.

    As a adult the "little sister" still remember's her older sister singing, to her the lullaby as the war threatened them outside the walls. And she always thanks her sister from the bottom of her heart for being there for her.

    Or, at least that's what I imagine when I hear this, thanks for reading this !

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