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  1. So here we are today, February 28 2019, she has just won her first Oscar for best song, "Shallow" from "A Star Is Born." This woman is a genius. I kind of tossed her off as a Madonna wanna be years ago, boy was I wrong. Totally in love with her, her energy, her honesty and her freedom to be her very glorious self.

  2. God…I Just Adore This Artist. She Is My Idol..Hero. I Really Wish I Could Meet Her.

    Because Of Her, I Am Becoming An Entertainer. She Sparked The Musician And Dancer Into Emergence.

    Something Which I Had Put Aside And Had Put Into Suspended Animation.

    She Pushed The Buttons Insde My Conscience. Her Music Permeated My Synamptic Cortex. Reached Into The Inner Depts….And Awoken… The Creature…Not Something Horrid Or Sinister. But Different..

    Definitely Lively And Entertaining.

    All A Monster Is..Something Which Shocks And Rocks. A Sort Of Anachronism. A Break From The Mediocrity.

    My Lady…You Will Always..ALWAYS Be Successful.

  3. I’m sorry I find it hard to believe that Lady Gaga
    felt as a jersey girl she ddint belong .
    It just doesn’t sound truthful to me .

    I know Jersey and jersey girls are tough. And extremely confident .

    She can sing though . She doesn’t need all the extra fanfare.
    Although I do like some of the hats and fashion she wears
    I think overall we all should be more daring with our clothes
    She admits Her motivation was fame so it all works but she would have
    Been fine without it , the songs are hits . Her voice pretty amazing I have to admit

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