31 comentarios sobre “Lady Gaga – Million Reasons (Behind The Scenes From Super Bowl LI)”

  1. You kow? The miami dolphins of 72 open a bottle every year the last team undefeated losses. I really think Lady Gaga should open a bottle of Champagne every time the halftime show is not better than this one. That would be: justin's… checked. maroon 5´s… checked.

  2. I love this so much that she decide to make this ! This is an inspiration and show her believe about inclusion and hard working. She want to show us as well that not only her who deserves the praise but everyone involved……Love the dance that they stuck together like the fire ants rafts….. stick together you will survive even from the hurricane.

  3. Miss Diamond
    Shoulder and shield pads forged with diamonds. breathing violently emerges strong pulsing your muscles of life, electric life force in contact with oxygen causing a slight fog to envelop your body. Your short sword rusty thick sega: "Always Fasso this with me … I'll die like this. My fear is so decreasing that I live looking for death. Lamenting making his way, walking in a circle in the jungle.

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