How Moreno Mars Wrote 24K Magic | The Artists Series S1E7

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One of the questions I am asked most often during Skype sessions is “how can I be authentic and commercial at the same time?” What this usually means is “I don’t like what’s on the radiodifusión. How can I write the kind of music I like and still be relevant?” Well, today you just might get the answer to that, because today, we are looking at Moreno Mars, an artist who has managed to take an old-fashioned approach to songwriting and make it sound fresh again. Which techniques is Moreno using to get across this mixture of old and new? We’re gonna look at melodies, chords, production, really give it the holistic treatment. And by the end of this I think you’ll have a better idea of how you can apply all of this to your own songwriting. Let’s get started.

Equipment used:
Panasonic Lumix FZ1000:
Softbox Set:

Written & Directed by Friedemann Findeisen
Edited by Joanna Kiolbassa & Friedemann Findeisen
Music by Friedemann Findeisen

47 comentarios sobre “How Moreno Mars Wrote 24K Magic | The Artists Series S1E7”

  1. This is a great video but some of the chords have been simplified… such as F7#9 in That's what I Like, Calling it an Fm7 is a disservice I feel and robs it of the dominant function you've waited the whole track to hear. (and the other chords labelled as minor, but are actually 9ths and 11ths, infact they are missing the third so could be slash chords, for instance the first chord of 24k magic, is a Cm7 with F in the bass, not really a Fm11 without the third.. but the sound of the 11 is clear) Chunky's II-V is a Dm7b5 to G7 (diatonic to Cm). Apart from that this video is really good. Thank you!

  2. if you are this good analyzing other artists songwriting, why you only song write and produce shitty songs with your wife? (dont mean to insult your songs, it's a genuine question)

  3. Bruno Mars is one of the few new pop artists that I find at all interesting, probably because he uses these kind of techniques and doesn't rely on those one note melodies. Can't wait for that to go out of style.

  4. I love Bruno but Uptown Funk sounded freakin lame to me..It was someting new for the youngsters but it for us ol skool it was lame cliche ridden Funk song with NO FREAKIN HOOK..sorry but it was not strong at all..24 Carat is much better Finese is lit

  5. It seems to me that if brunos hits were presented by someone else, someone without a name, without a very strong team of dancers that it may have gone nowhere. There are artists that are nowhere for many years until they are on american idol or another similar show then suddenly the world loves their stuff. Masses of People dont like music until they think its cool to like them. Its the same thing with genres. Rap was around for so long until absolutely everyone loved it. I stll listen to jackson browne. Funny how many artists there are these days that are successful that all sound the same. Its cool to like them so they are liked. Its like fashion.

  6. This guy talks about intervals, I tried to search about it, it seems that his definition and the other sources are different. Could aomeone explain to me?
    I feel like he explains intervals as one type of music pattern that an artist uses in his songs. Idk help me understand, and what are the types of intervals as what he explains in every video 🙁

  7. I know this is probably part of your style as a content creator, but why do you have to make everything sound so serious/depressing? Your voice, the background music, the editing.

    In general, I'd say that the topics you cover are certainly interesting, and most of the information you have on them definitely sound relevant, but somehow I just get bummed out watching your videos. That can't be good, right?

    Besides, you're talking about Bruno Mars, for God's sake. Cheer this thing up, man.

  8. Wow Bruno has a hat with: "XXIV" written on it, if you know how to decode it, and know how the Luciferians operate, then it is 666. Same with XXX.

    I don't respect artists/songwriters that have sold their soul for fame. They are on the "easy" track, but pay a huge price for fame.

    Yes Bruno sounds like the 70-80s but it sounds plastic. It doesn't make me happy to listen to his music.

  9. FACT: The "head to toe soul player" part in the chorus is actually sang ONLY by the background singers. Even though Bruno also does his background vocals, mostly in his first two albums, the whole 24K Magic album is focused on Bruno as a lead.

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