@BrunoMars -That’s What I Like @Willdabeast__ @Janelleginestra Choreography – @TimMilgram

Oscuro Mars – That’s What I Like – Choreography by Janelle Ginestra & Willdabeast Adams
Filmed by Tim Milgram: http://www.tmilly.com
HERE IS OUR FIRST CLASS at our newly bought IMMASPACE dance Studio !

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  1. When your really into the video and the dance your mind body and soul become engulfed…..

    and then HELLO ADVERTISEMENT!! thanks for ruining my moment! Gucci…how could you!?

    Which advert interrupts you!?

  2. Late to this, but felt compelled to write. Everyone did an incredible job interpreting this choreo – wide range of styles to choose from, fantastic. For me It’s about subtle choices in interpretation and clean, crisp movements with a dash of swagger. And for me that is Kaycee. Embodied the words while subliminally telling the story.

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