11 Celebs Who've DISSED Taylor Swift

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The shade that has been thrown Taylor Swift’s way is enough to block tans from happening for weeks. Poor Taylor has been at the butt of oh so many relationship jokes. And I don’t know why. I mean why would anyone want to diss someone who writes songs about every person she’s ever dated post break-up? It’s so endearing! And her fellow celebrities must be jealous, right? We’re bringing you a countdown of 11 celebs who have dissed the talented Taylor Swift.

11. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
10. Michael J. Fox
9. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley
8. Barack Obama
7. Demi Lovato
6. Miley Cyrus
5. Lorde
4. Jessica Hart
3. Drake Bell
2. John Mayer
1. Kanye West

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24 comentarios sobre “11 Celebs Who've DISSED Taylor Swift”

  1. It's comedy!! God I would hate to see Taylor at a roast! Can you imagine!! Over dramatic for months! Taylor Vs Miley! UMM!! Miley turned in to a grown woman Taylor is still stuck looking for a new face to paint on! God do we really know what Taylor looks like!! She's a clown with many faces probably has a room dedicated to just make-up and instruction manuals! Sometimes I would just love to crack back that arched back in to place!

  2. When you are extremely jealous of someone that is better than you an more talented you going to throw some shade they should be extremely happy she wrote a song about a break-up it put them on the map.

  3. When one woman have conquered, keep that ground, and conquer with her. Build that like a fortress, so that women would not lose opportunities and income. That's what you all need to do. There was a time when women were not around to be included, listened to, to be heard. So, don't lose to bad comments in your profession, created by men. Who is the discriminating sex? MEN.

  4. The comments on how TS has always written song about bad break ups, have been originating from those men. Allies of those men in the business spread the word, and so, that should get viral. So now, many could criticize what she should write about. Men songwriters have been writing such about women for decades now, and centuries. Men have been singing bad traits about women, yet it seems like no one has noticed. For example. That a woman have bad legs and could not provide money for the family anymore. Also, that the woman or wife could not provide sex anymore. Men like metaphors, TS does not. All women should get on the side of TS. Let's listen to what women and young women have to say about cheating and bad sex attitude. Bad gossips about a talented artist are always started by men. Always keep in mind that men like to rule. When a woman has surpassed them, that woman should be taken off the charts! Be smarter. Who started the comment? THE OFFENDED. THE EX.

  5. You can’t help but just think Taylor Swift is just the absolute bomb shell like hello She has such a classy sexy sophisticated look elegant that’s what makes a lot of people so attracted to her

  6. PS/ And please young women hosts, please try and catch your breath, at commas and periods. Listen to Meryl Streep, Cher, Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields, Helen Hunt, Lisa Marie Presley, Drew Barrymore, and Ellen Degeneres, to name a few. Breathing is a lot of good!

    Hope Zaragoza

  7. How is it that all the young women hosts in YT keeps talking in sing-song high- pitched conversant voices? That way of voice are kids's way of talk. Do you women know that true white American women speak in monotone voice? I bet you did not know that. Even on radio and TV commercials, young women talents, you all talk like you're toddlers at home, and highly critical of anyone and of each other. Who are Americans and who aren't? Americans have their own traits. Notice.

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